British Israelism is the ridiculous idea that people of the United States and British Commonwealth descended from lost tribes of Israel. The hypothesis is that with various invasions after the march from captivity in Egypt and subsequent settlement in the Palestine area, with so many invasions and wars followed by captivity, that some -- like 10 -- tribes disappeared, having migrated to various places in Europe and the British Isles. This was supposed to happen over many centuries and the transplanted 'lost' tribes became significant nations, not knowing or realizing that they aren't who they think they are, but are really Israelites who have an inheritance from God.

British Israelism was created to aggrandize the British Empire with the idea that they had the Divine Right to those things they enjoyed. Later, this was extended to the United States. Societies were formed; religions were founded; separatists aggravated; racists practiced racism -- all because of the hubris of highly inventive imaginative proponents practicing hubris (or, if you prefer, for the English, huBrits). It is rubbish. It is a form of alternative earth history science fiction.

This site explores British Israelism as alternative earth history science fiction. Somewhere along the line, we may even have SF stories about ancient Israelites wandering around Europe, lost because the guys weren't willing to stop and ask for directions. Hopefully, some of these stories will involve extraterrestrial flying saucers with aliens, dropping bombs and shooting LASERs. Whatever we publish here will be really bad [but maybe fun] alternative earth history science fiction.

Oh, but there's more -- it doesn't just end with national identities skewed by delusional thinking! No, indeed!

It also involves, as much of science fiction does, the FUTURE!

Friends, there will be terrible times ahead, where there are violent earthquakes, debris falling from the sky and striking the earth. The sun will get seven times hotter. The moon will turn red. Volcanoes will blow, covering the earth with lava and volcanic ash. There will be massive disease epidemics. And then it will get REALLY bad! There will be famines; there will be diseases; finally, there will be The Great Tribulation.

But wait! There's MORE!

Just when you think it can't get any worse, there will be a massive extraterrestrial invasion with some alien dude flying down in the sky on a white horse with an invading army. There will be World War, with the whole world fighting the extraterrestrials! [How can we NOT use exclamation points and important words in all caps!!!???!!!] Unlike many science fiction stories, the alien invaders will win and will set up a despotic controlling government where people will be monitored with an invisible militia. Rebellion won't be an option. There will be a thousand years of this and this period of time will be called 'The Millennium'. There will be an enforced peace, plenty of food, fine clothes and housing. The tradeoff will be that there will be no freedom, people will give a straight 10% of their income to the invaders and they will have to attend periodic propaganda sessions, one of which will be held at a designated specified location where millions of people will come for 8 days to attend hours long boring sessions of how good, great, wonderful and magnificent the aliens are. The aliens will be assisted by human turncoats who have been transformed into technological beings who have great power, can disappear and can travel from place to place instantly.

After the thousand years are up, there is a massive rebellion, led by an opposing extraterrestrial with his armies which will be squelched and utterly defeated. For those of you who love zombie movies and videos, what comes next will be particularly of interest and entertaining, since the all the dead who have ever lived will be resurrected and will live on for, oh, who knows, 100 years? 70 years? 50 years? There are those who quibble about such things. But all good things must come to an end and the zombies will be judged according to alien standards and those that don't pass will be burned up in a 'Lake of Fire' while the rest will be transformed into aliens. The earth will then be destroyed and burned up, to be replaced by a 'new earth' with the headquarters of the aliens being dropped from the sky and set on the earth. Then the fun begins, but the Book of Fiction from which all of this has been developed from stops there and we don't know what happens after that.

Isn't it all so EXCITING!

Remember, though, it's science fiction. None of it happened and none of it will happen AND WE HAVE PROOF! That's really special because it's not often that anyone can develop proof debunking things that don't exist!

It's lies, all lies.

But today, more than ever before, proponents of British Israelism have created an opposition to science and facts. Here is why that can happen:

We're going to set the record straight: British Israelism is science fiction.

It's not going to matter what apologists are going to say -- we'll show that British Israelism isn't just science fiction, it's the worst science fiction ever!

We're #1!

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