For those wanting to understand British Israelism, read About.

This site isn’t just about British Israelism, the dubious debunked hypothesis that that there were lost tribes of Ancient Israel that finally settled in Europe (particularly Britain) and the United States — it is the glories and wonders of real science and wondrous science fiction.

This site explores media, magazines, books, blogs and articles about science and science fiction.

There will be glorious exploration of Science, Technology, Engineering and Math.

We won’t be above including unique original stories of science fiction. In fact, we’ll encourage would-be amateur science fiction writers to submit stories about… well… science fiction. We would like to see British Israelism worst science fiction stories, perhaps about the tribe of Dan wandering aimlessly because the guys wouldn’t stop and ask for directions, only to encounter flying saucers and extraterrestrial aliens — that sort of thing. The future is open too: We’d like to see what society pushing out to the stars and colonizing other worlds and asteroids looks like under the rule of British Israelism cults — space ships, war, advanced technology, cults of dictatorial cultmeisters….

Most of all, we’d like it to be fun.